Artist Statement

Sertac Tasdelen is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. He continues to develop his work by adopting visual arts and design as means of self-discovery. Seeking a certain tranquility to balance the feeling of restlessness and dissatisfaction, Sertac tries to subvert traditional forms and find new ways to depict them. He examines the role of art as an interruption of perception, uses color, form, and material in a non-representational way rather than describing objects in the natural world.

Activities / Exhibitions

2024 April, Milan Design Week, Participating Designer, Milan, Italy
2023 February, Sculpture Park, Participating Artist, Mukadderat, Dubai, UAE
2022 March, DIFC Art Nights, Participating Artist, Dubai, UAE
2022 June, Mukadderat Showcase, Milan, Italy
2022 August, Mukadderat Showcase, Casa Della Arte, Lisboa, Portugal
2022 September, Mukadderat Showcase, Sait Halim Pasa Yalisi, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 December, Emergent Artist Award Jury Member, Gallerie Oscar, Nice, France
2010 November, Muqtanayati, Jam Jar Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2010 August, Canadian Business Council Charity Auction, Dubai, UAE
2010 June, Istanbul, Hyatt Creek, Dubai, UAE
2010 May, Resurrection Des Mannequins, Portfolio Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2009 June Made in Tashkeel, Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai, UAE,
2008 March, Vibrations Within, Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Latest Projects



"Mukadderat / Predestination" explores our perception of future prediction by offering new possibilities into the conventional understanding of time. The work is emerging from the juxtaposition of artificial intelligence, randomness and predictability of the future. 
Data visualization and morphological transformation translate the data into meaningful questions that enable visitors to experience the work. Sertac Tasdelen's work questions the idea of not knowing what the future holds and the future's uncertainty and a predetermined course of events. 

Free will might be an illusion, and our destiny might be waiting for us patiently. We all perceive ourselves as separate entities, but we might be all part of collective and endless consciousness. The work's title refers to the predetermined future, and all we perceive is an illusion of time, which has been a highly debated topic since the dawn of humanity, between the religious leaders, scientists, and philosophers. Back in his Istanbul studio, Sertac Tasdelen and his team filtered the true data — billions of living memory — through sophisticated analytics, transforming the data set into pigments and light. What emerged, the artist says, was a completely harmonious image, an “dancing sediments of future prediction”

 "With help from artificial intelligence, we embarked on a journey through Turkish coffee memoirs. Neuro-scientifically, the Faladdin is the source of memory, dreaming about the future," he says.

Alter Ego


"The Alter Ego" Bust centers on the mystery of the human soul at the point where reality and delusions meet. While the conscious "self" emerges depending on social expectations, the "lower self" hidden in the shadows remains on hold as a free existence pain, governed
by passions. Alter Ego is a criticism of a social media generation.

Among the carefully crafted details, a dilemma emerges: to take on masks or to heed the call of freedom. The artist Sertac Tasdelen uses his own 3d modeling method and then uses AI software to perfect the sculpture and image. "The Alter Ego" becomes a symbolic expression that represents the duality within us.


“Persona is a product of self criticism. Our self is merely the mask in which our impersonal self is forced to parade during its pilgrimage upon the earth. When the true self knowledge is attained the illusionary character of mask will be realized. The personal delusion of self can have no real knowledge of truth, because it is not true, but delusive"


Resurrection des Mannequins 

“City life and‭ ‬rapid growth of urbanization has an impact on people and how we interact with one another‭ ‬–‭ ‬our behavior‭, ‬personality‭, ‬values and relationships‭. ‬
Being exposed to elevated complexities of the modern city life creates new‭ ‬social bonds and new attitudes toward others‭, ‬and altering fundamental notions of being and self‭.
Abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality and existence reveals hallucinations‭, ‬delusions and social dysfunction‭,‬‭ ‬which triggers‭ ‬identity disorders‭ ‬in which a person displays multiple distinct identities and alter egos‭. ‬When‭ ‬the true self knowledge is attained the illusory personas are realized‭, ‬and having recognized a sub personality‭, ‬one suddenly feels naked and defenseless‭, ‬as if his armor had dissolved‭. The personal delusion of self can have no real knowledge of truth‭, ‬because it is not true‭, ‬but delusive‭. ‬That was the thought process that inspired‭ ‬Resurrection des Mannequins‭.‬”

Photography series 'Identity' depicts that we are not  our bodies, not a happenstance of atoms forming a biological mass with consciousness a by-product. Consciousness and identity are the fundamental element of the cosmos; matter, its concrete expression. As matter evolves, identities are bounded by the technological framing created by very own himself.

The Lovers
“The Lovers interprets the dynamics of the evolved relationships of our time.
Over the next years, our collective consciousness began to look more critically at the institution of marriage and fidelity with a relatively high degree of skepticism.

Prenatal Consciousness

Looking at prenatal process from the standpoint of spirit, it is not surprising that the child fundctions as a conscious entity early in his development. A human being is not the product of this physical organization, but a living stream of consciousness-substance expressing itself through a physical body. This stream of consciousness reaches beyong the emotions and mind to the spiritual and divine - and beyond. Far from being the result of mechanical physical process, then the unborn child is the existence of a existing spritual entity.

This photograph represents an unborn girl and created by combining of my physical characteristics with someone special.

For inspiration and help, special thanks to Kevin C Moore ( This project could not have been done without his kind support and help.



 "Trust is a reflection of a personal experience, and is a product of a period of self criticism.