Two primary states of matter; Placing form and material in the main artery, Sertac Tasdelen prefers to define itself as an intellectual philosophy.
While it embodies a utopian universe based on timelessness, undefinedness and duality, he thinks that the design is too competent to be confined to a single area or a single time period.
In this process of creation, Sertac Tasdelen explains the insignificance of a particle on the scale of the universe; On the other hand, it is looking for answers to today's world and modern life, as if referring to it being the universe itself.
Beyond a season, a season, or even a gender, it just chooses to be born at the right time.
While the white color gives a lightness that balances the weight of the issues that constitute the reason for existence, black represents the opposite, colorlessness and darkness.
As a result, these pieces turn into objects that remind us of experiences such as existence-nonexistence, life-death, etc. that we have had or will experience.
It refers to a genderless attitude that contradicts modern identity definitions and renders the body unimportant, and to the importance of discourses and intellectual stance.