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Sertac Tasdelen


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Dimension: Small

For small size: Digital art print 20x20 cm.

37x37 cm with mat and frame.

For large size: Digital art print 35x35 cm.

52x52 cm with mat and frame.

Sertac Tasdelen's "Dot" represents the essence of existence and embodies our search for meaning in the modern world. This abstract symbol, as an algorithmic work of art, reflects the beginning and end of everything, the infinite possibilities of creation and the inevitability of destruction. Although the "point" seems insignificant in the infinity of the universe, it is actually the universe itself, representing the fundamental unity underlying the diversity of existence. "Dot", which exists through artificial intelligence algorithms and creative code sequences, gains new meanings with each individual's own interpretations. Therefore, as a reflection of our own subjectivity, "Dot" encourages us to consider our place in the world and the meaning we attribute to it. Each time you look at this print, "Dot" invites you to enter into dialogue, to consider its symbolism and its meaning to you. With each interaction, "Dot" comes to life anew, revealing new meanings and evoking the mysteries of existence.

Technical details:
Archival Print Paper
Wooden Black Frame
Created with Artificial Intelligence from Watercolor Painting.
Limited Number.
Designed by ID Atelier.   

Dimension: Small